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Голубиная почта. «С днем рождения, пресс-релиз!»

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Исполнитель: 2L
Голубиная почта. «С днем рождения, пресс-релиз!»

Главное о кейсе

Following the mailout results, the influencers have published 29 posts and stories in social networks (FB, Instagram) and 7 news publications in media. They have collected more than 700 TA reactions (likes, shares, comments). The agency’s website traffic has grown 1,5 times; but what is even more important, we already have received two requests from potential clients for organizing a creative mailout. Also one of our existing conservative clients has asked us to organize a workshop on creative newsworthy events for their employees.

Бизнес-задача и ее решение

As an agency that was established 15 years ago as PR-only-services we have grown into the communication agency but still feel pressure from creative and digital agencies. It is important for us to show our stakeholders (potential customers and referral partners in IT fields) our capabilities regarding the “thinking outside the box” with newsworthy events and new media. That is why we decided to hype for one day to attract the TA attention and to position Agency as a creative one, with confirmed skills in not only PR, but also Social Media and Influencers Marketing.

Прочая информация о кейсе

The world's first press release was published on October 30, 1906. Over the past 112 years, it has become the most widespread format in corporate communications. Now hundreds of press releases fight for journalists' attention every day. We decided to put an end to this unofficial competition and created The Best Press Release. To attract the TA attention to it, we launched a creative mailout by pigeon mail, which was one of the way to distribute news in 1906. It is also meaningful symbol of peace and love.
As a distribution channel, we chose a number of influencer journalists, who are active in social media and whose friends and subscribers could be defined as our TA.
The media kit was designed as a pigeongram: with the appropriate inscriptions and stamps. It consisted of “The Best Press Release,” a set of cupcakes for playing Press Release Bingo (the most common stock phrases from press releases, for example, “Exclusive,” were used for application), and a letter explaining the whole idea, thanking for 112 years of patient and their Great Job, and congratulations with the Press-release Birthday. The Best press-release was really The Best, it was a funny one piece of statements usually used in those documents.
We sent our media kits to 20 journalists by pigeon mail. The role of pigeons was played by couriers in bird masks. Most of journalists know each other and their audience is coincident. It is important to provide buzz-effect to the TA. They have to contact with the information about our PR-action several times, to become interested, what it is about, who made it etc



Дата запуска

30 октября 2018 года

Ориентировочный бюджет

50 000 ₽


Елена Назарова, Сергей Кузнецов, Никита Шульгович


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