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Чат-бот Maybelline

Заказчик: Maybelline
Исполнитель: Isobar Moscow
Чат-бот Maybelline


We launched a chat-bot that communicates with the potential Maybelline NY customers on behalf of a popular Russian make-up artist.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

Our task was to get a new data about our audience.
We know that our audience spends plenty of time on instant messengers. We would like to know as much as possible about these users. We found a new solution for the brand - to create a chat - bot that communicates on behalf of a popular Russian make-up artist Yury Stolyarov. The chat-bot was launched in Vkontakte messenger where the main brands' target audience spends most of the time.



Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

The chatbot had held more than 21 thousand dialogue sessions within its working period. More than 19,5 thousand of its users has been determined as unique. Each tutorial has been viewed by more than 200 000 people on average.
До повышения цены:
Лучший чат-бот
Tagline Awards 2017

Дата запуска

11 декабря 2016 года


Yury Popov, Evgeniya Sheveleva, Stanislav Guskov, Margarita Nechaeva
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