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Размер — это не главное

Заказчик: KFC
Исполнитель: Ailove
Размер — это не главное


IDEA: We aren’t shy about the size of our product, and we are ready for our consumers’ reaction to it. SOLUTION: We streamed all the negative comments about our tacos from social networks straight to the biggest billboard available in Moscow. These comments were accompanied by a statement:“The size doesn’t matter”... If you follow our guide how to eat tacos correctly”. RESULTS: The size appeared not to be an issue. Within just a week after the negative comments appeared, consumers’ attitude to the product changed drastically. It turned into a widely (and positively!) shared meme. Investing zero into digital seeding we got 2 000 000 viral reach in media and social networks. 100% organic reach.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

SITUATION: Sometimes small things seem tooo small... while big ones – humongous. Now and again we get deceived: something that seem large turns out to be... Bum! Very tiny! That’s exactly what happened to TACOS by KFC. This really smaaaall product launched in Russia in 2017 grew into a HUGE trouble.


Лучшее решение в AR / VR / IoT / DooH
Лучшая вирусная кампания
Tagline Awards 2017

Дата запуска

1 марта 2017 года