Продвижение сериала «Гений» на канале National Geographic

Заказчик: Fox
Исполнитель: Articul
Продвижение сериала «Гений» на канале National Geographic


We already know a lot about the works of Einstein from books and the school. But was it interesting by one theory of relativity? We want to show users who the great scientist really was.

To do this, we create a site with several game mechanics, that will allow you to look at the figure of the great scientist from different angles.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

To create joint digital campaign related to global premiere of “Genius” series on National GeographicChannel and attract attention to Tricolor TV provider.
Attract new audience to the premiere on National Geographic
Increased amount of subscriptions to Tricolor TV
Attract attention to tariff “Ediniy” from Tricolour TV


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1 апреля 2017 года


Aristakesyan Egor
Obanin Alexandr
Solnyshkina Asya