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Интернет-магазин под ключ для швейцарской ювелирной компании DVM Jewellery

Исполнитель: MissoffDesign
Интернет-магазин под ключ для швейцарской ювелирной компании DVM Jewellery

Прочая информация о кейсе

This case for Switzerland is the website development of a jewelry house offering a unique service – creating jewelry according to your wishes online. The company is new, registered only in February 2020, so a complete elaboration of the concept was carried out. Assessment of competitors, identification of the strengths of the company, assessment of the market, this niche in Europe and the Russian Federation and conclusion – three languages, the possibility of ordering finished products and a unique designer, online payment, catalogs, news for indexing. We started with the logo. The customer knows what he wants and there was a lot of work. But I managed to create what I wanted and at the same time get into modern trends. As planned. The main advantage of the company is the gems that are supplied directly from the original sources, so the clarity and size are top notch, the documents are according to the regulations and the client gets a product of the highest quality and value for money. The stone was taken as a basis.

Design knows no boundaries or distances. We prepare all printed products for clients remotely, and even being in another country are confident in the result. We advise the type of paper, the type of printing, the circulation, sometimes we even consult with the typography in Italian / German / English, so that the layout matches the rules and the expectation and reality matches 100%.

So, the site. We started with a map, of course, it is more difficult to create from scratch than to edit the existing one. Especially when it is not completely clear what the planned scheme of work will result in. When the DVM Jewelery brand was created, the coronavirus was only in China, somewhere far away and no one would have thought that they would have to change the concept to “online sales.” Although the sitemap has barely changed since February.

our favorite

We have been looking for a good solution with a background for this site for a long time, but the customers themselves gave us an idea – unique stones are their main advantage. It was decided to use them. The site is in three languages, so changing the language occupies an important place in the navigation area in the upper right corner. The menu buttons are placed on the left under the logo, we refused to use the burger.

This is a section for customizing the product according to your parameters, with the ability to add comments, images, with a choice of size, weight, clarity of stones.
After submitting, this form is sent to the company’s managers, who are contacting the client and discussing 3D visualization of the order, etc.

The form is unique, it was created specifically “for the client”, you may like it or not, but that is how it was conceived. Your order form for unique items may be completely different. Fantasy has no limits)

We tied the catalog to the admin panel so that the client’s content managers could independently add products, discounts, promotions, details and new collections. The layout and styles are unique for this site, they were drawn by us, all the wishes of the customer were taken into account, including the transition to the designer for possible customization of the product for the user.

We usually refer to basic pages everything that is approximately the same on each site: a page about a company, news, an Instagram link page. All of it is linked to the administrative panel for editing by the client himself.

A personal account on this site is necessary to save the history of orders, arrange delivery to the address and form a customer base with contact information. Therefore, it is lightweight, familiar look for online stores, without unnecessary blocks, pages and heaps of unnecessary information.

All orders go through managers, because the products of this company are quite expensive, so each order is processed individually. And therefore, a personal account requires full registration to preserve the confidential personal data of each registered visitor to the site.


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Дата запуска

1 июля 2021 года

Ориентировочный бюджет

300 000 ₽


Zhanna Milakova


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