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S7 DragonLines

Заказчик: S7 Airlines
Исполнитель: CreativePeople
S7 DragonLines


Who would have sent their customers on an amazing adventure across Game of Thrones universe if not for S7 Airlines? :) Visitors of this heavily-themed webpage on S7 Airlines website could choose their dragon, destination, ticket class and, best of all, share their "S7 Dragonlines" boarding pass on social media in order to get a premium Amediateka subscription (ranging from 7 days to a year).

Поставленная задача и ее решение

Game of Thrones' much-anticipated Season 7 premiere created a perfect backdrop for a joint PR-move from S7 Airlines and Amediateka. After the airline had sponsored an unusual night screening of the first episode in a Moscow metro station, they absolutely had to make an online follow up.

In collaboration with Amediateka and CreativePeople agency (production), S7 Airlines launched a heavily-themed webpage on S7 Airlines website in time for the season 7 premiere. Visitors were able to book a "S7 Dragonlines" flight to Winterfell, Casterly Rock, The Eyrie, Puke, Highgarden, Storm’s End, Sunspear, Dragonstone, Riverrun or King’s Landing. Their choice of aircraft was quite a bit more exciting than Boeing or Airbus — it was either Drogon, Rhaegal or Viserion. Instead of economy/business class visitors had a choice of "The Maester’s Assistant", "Knight’s Henchman" or "Banker of Braavos" (if you fancy some extra luxury and extra legroom :) Luggage options were quite extraordinary as well: a Valyrian steel sword, box with some dragonglass or cage with a direwolf. Purpose of travel could be some revenge, visiting the Wall or a reasonably sober "I want to take the Iron Throne". After choosing all these options user was presented with a unique personal boarding pass and a bonus Amediateka subscription.


Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

More than 60 000 visitors interacted with the website. 20 000 users shared our site on social media with a custom image of their personal "S7 Dragonlines" boarding pass and received a premium Amediateka subscription (7-day, 30-day or 365-day).
Several hundred thousand views coverage.
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Дата запуска

9 августа 2017 года


Руководитель подразделения: Кристина Маринович
Руководитель проекта: Сергей Дмитриев
Креативная группа: Калюжный Сергей / Антон Ресалюк / Анна Королева
Дизайнерская группа: Васильев Сергей / Константин Женчур / Наталья Толчина