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Programmatic DOOH — точно в цель

Заказчик: Media Markt
Programmatic DOOH — точно в цель


By 2016, OOH got in the Top-3 media channels in Russia by expenditures and TA coverage. New technologies and formats were being developed. But the transparency and campaign update speed were behind modern requirements. Advertisers didn’t have the means to assess the real results of their campaigns or audience quality. TV and Digital have technological developments allowing to keep track on campaign results in real time and to introduce changes if they are necessary, but OOH doesn’t offer these features. Thousands of advertisers were forced to buy advertising “blindly” and to distribute locations and budgets arbitrarily. This lack of transparency caused OOH to lose popularity and trust from advertisers despite huge media coverage across Russia.
Describe the idea/data solution
Big Data from mobile carriers gives tremendous opportunities to analyze customers, and has been in use for online marketing for a long time, but no one has tried this tool to solve offline tasks yet, leave alone to combine it in a common system with other technologies.
We realized that aggregated data, including geo location, can be used in real time for offline communication. For the first time, we combined global auditing knowledge with programmatic technologies-based placement to create a unique ecosystem for the OOH market.
Describe the data driven strategy
This combination of technological solutions allows for the first time to determine the optimal amount and geography of advertising surfaces, to factor in seasonal changes in pedestrian and car traffic, to update addressed programs, to compile an optimal media plan for advertising content and to buy the necessary assets in real time. The platform gives the flexibility of measuring key indicators and assessing OOH campaigns effectiveness, just like in TV and digital advertising. This system allows finding niche audiences, hypertarget advertising and completely automate media planning and placement in digital OOH, thus increasing the overall effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
Describe the creative use of data, or how the data enhanced the creative output
We combined telecom operators Big Data, provided by largest Russian AI developer with own programmatic system for digital players of OOH surfaces, for targeting, planning, creative choice, |OOH placement effectiveness monitoring in real time. We implemented Big data as a source of information combining quotative indices of exact OOH surface reach with which exactly audience this surface has and how relevant it is to the promoted product. Now advertisers have an opportunity to optimize their placement in real time mode, and not after the event in following campaigns.
In January of 2017, we launched the first project in Novosibirsk. The client list included Metro, Media Markt, Bayer, Uber, HeadHunter and Hasbro. The implementation is currently expanded to other Russian cities.
According to the data from the pilot project, using programmatic in OOH allows getting transparent results for advertising campaigns and to substantially increase DOOH effectiveness.
The campaign affinity and the degree of targeting, as a consequence, reaches 200%.*
Ad recognition (the degree a commercial is recognized in DOOH) for narrow TAs is 1.5 / 2.2* times higher than the population average.
The conversion effect for some categories (difference in effect by test groups) reaches 10%.
(*Top and **Average results in client pools)
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