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Jet Admin

Заказчик: Geex Arts
Исполнитель: Geex Arts
Jet Admin


Jet Admin – universal Saas admin panel for web applications.
Take control of your application data with no time wasted on internal tools developed in-house.
Business operations with your data:
– CRUD (create, read, update, delete): Create, view, update and delete data. Display it in an easy format, and then search and filter your data.
– Dashboard: Create reports and visualize KPIs. Monitor new data like new orders, comments, etc.
– Works with any technology: The interface is generated automatically based on an analysis of the data and data structure of your applications.
– Visual editor: Customize the admin area to make it easy for any manager to use. Allow managers to modify the interface, configure features, and set up analytics widgets without using any developers - just like WIX, Squarespace….
– Safety: Your data is safe. We do not have access to your information. We simply plug your information in to an easy-to-use interface for you to interact with it better.
– Works on any device: The interface is optimized for any device from phones to tablets to desktops.
– Quick installation: It takes only a few hours to install.
– Available 24/7: Use it around the clock and don't worry about updates - we take care of that.
– Manage users: Assign access rights to any data from within the panel.
– Activity log: Track the history of all changes and know who made them.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

Создать административную панель работающую с любым проектом и гибко настраиваемую для любой задачи


Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

230 зарегистрированных пользователей
150 созданных проектов
До повышения цены:
• Лучший сервис для веб-разработки
• Лучший инновационный сервис
Tagline Awards 2018

Дата запуска

1 сентября 2018 года


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Денис Кильдишев
Вячеслав Корнилов