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Не превращай простуду в катастрофу

Заказчик: Петровакс Фарм
Исполнитель: Grape
Не превращай простуду в катастрофу


In the midst of a “cold season”, we have launched an advertising campaign promoting Polyoxidonium, a medicine for cold and flu. The central element was a video stylized as a trailer for a catastrophe movie, where all the patients looked like zombies, and the flu epidemic turned into a dramatic apocalypse.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

To raise awareness of the medicine and attract a younger audience using a non-standard format of the advertising message.

During the exacerbation of viral diseases, many people stay home and lie in bed watching TV shows and new films.

Advertising can not only convey the features of the medicine but also be interesting. Therefore, we announced a new catastrophe film telling about a real flu apocalypse that worsens without Polyoxidonium! As part of the campaign, we supplemented the video with placements that are non-traditional for the pharmaceutical market: ad-trailer was shown on popular sites for online film watching and in thematic film communities on Vkontakte. The site of Kinopoisk was also branded. Dimensional constructions, posters and flyers stylized to match the announcements of the new film were placed in the Cinema Park and Formula kino movie theaters.


Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

15 million views;
40 000 website visits;
+73% sales growth
Лучшая вирусная кампания
Tagline Awards 2017

Дата запуска

13 февраля 2017 года


Senior Product Manager – Виктория Захаренко
Junior Product Manager – Юлия Неподоба
Creative Director – Артем Филимонов
Art Director – Роман Антонов
Creative – Марат Арутюнов
Creative – Людмила Кулибаба
Creative – Миша Синельщиков
Strategist – Павел Катков
Account Manager – Алина Рожкова
Client Service Director – Вероника Юкалова


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