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Заказчик: Билайн
Исполнитель: Grape


The market is invaded by generation Z – young people who hate when they are told what to do. Old world and its rules are not for them, they don’t want to wait – they’d rather be successful here and now. Beeline has decided to involve this audience but they cannot be reached by standard ways: they don’t care for traditional, even original, advertising. Instead of investing into media channels we created our own ecosystem #mozhnovse – a call plan with unlimited options and a communication platform.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

The brand said right away: do what you like, and success will follow! Season 1: every day users uploaded videos where they did whatever they wanted with a hashtag #можновсе. Every day authors of 100 best posts got a gift from the brand: money to their phone’s account. They were also evaluated by top bloggers every week at a #можновсе show on YouTube, and best of the best went on to battle for fame on a reality show on the U channel. The season was so successful that the brand continued the project, launching «Midseason» - the first ever Russian-Internet talk show in web-punk style. Presenters Eldar Dzharahov and Nastya Ivleeva talked with the most hype teenage idols: vloggers, instagrammers, streamers, beauty bloggers. Guests - Nikolay Sobolev, Maryana Ro, Yan Go, Natasha Bersik and other talked about the trends, shared personal stories, answered viewer questions and advised on how to create and promote channels. All shows were built in the web-punk style: studio, video animation, font and even ad insertions from the brand. Every episode ended in a musical show by super Pasha, the winner of the first season where the guests were such stars like Kravz, Feduk, Meyti and others.



Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

More than 400 million non-unique contacts, 9 million unique ones
17 733 326 views
200 000 new YouTube subscribers
63 878 videos made by users
80 000 hashtags #можновсе
54% of target audience have learned about the data plan from the project
Attitude towards the brand improved among 53% of the audience
Generation Z has accepted the challenge and gladly participating in the campaign, which resulted in twice as big brand awareness indicator. TA is interested in the product and is moving onto a new data plan
Лучшее Social Media Телеком / IT / интернет-компании
Tagline Awards 2017

Дата запуска

1 ноября 2016 года


CCO – Владилен Ситников
Creative Director – Максим Федеров
Art Director – Артур Мирошниченко
Creative – Артем Трофимов
Account Director – Вероника Юкалова
Account Manager – Дарья Лукинская
Strategic Planning Director – Дмитрий Воскресенский


Social Media → Телеком, IT и интернет-бизнес
Кампании / креатив → Интегрированные рекламные кампании (360° digital)
Кампании / креатив → Брендированный канал / спецпроект
Интегрированные digital-проекты