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Воппер Шуфутинский

Заказчик: Burger King
Исполнитель: Grape
Воппер Шуфутинский


Each year on September, 3, Russia is celebrating a non-existing holiday that was initiated by Mikhail Shufutinsky's song with a name that speaks for itself. The phenomenon that most professionals are still laughing at actually united the country in a special format of happing. We used the meme to create a Whopper with a taste of rowan tree fires that the lines of the song refer to.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

Burger King decided to interpret the song in its own way and answer the question - "What do rowen trees fires taste like?" and created Whopper Shufutinsky - a Whopper created according to a special recipe with an addition of a special rowen sauce created especially for this sandwich. Right across Shufutinsky's house in Rublyovka an advertising structure was put up, inviting him to a nearest restaurant where he could get a Whopper named after him.


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Reach – 5 100 000
PR value – 1 798 000
Mentions = 389
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Дата запуска

3 сентября 2018 года


Creative Director – Maryam Akhunova
Creatives – Yuri Korobov, Svyatoslav Molchanov
Strategist – Anna Topkova
Account Director – Anastasiya Gorshkova
Account Manager – Zhanna Demchenko


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