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СТС-Телеканал — сериалы онлайн

Заказчик: СТC
СТС-Телеканал — сериалы онлайн


We’ve got a challenge from our customer. We supposed to develop new application. It should comprise two applications: “СTC-channel” and “CTC Second screen”. Our customer requirements were to keep functionality of both apps and add evenmore functions.
So we should have discovered how to integrate two applications, how to explain to the users the idea of the second screen, how to eхplain the users where they may find additional information and how to eхplain the users that they can watch stream tv even if they are away from TV set.

We made marketing research and decided that main screen should start with interactive news feed. We’ve given the opportunity to users to synchronize mobile app and TV channel whenever they want to. If the application has been synchronized, the app uploads news feed with unique stream content to users’ device.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

We made friendly interface for users. The catalog is divided into categories: movies, cartoons, shows and ctr.
Taking into consideration that CTC app has extensive functions: several APIs, lots of modules and complicated components’ logic we should choose right architecture for both Android and IOS.
As for Android we applied android clean architecture. It was splitted into 3 modules: App; Domain; Data.
As for IOS we’ve made decision to apply service oriented architecture.


Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

Since two apps have been integrated, an average session time has increased 10 times. Also the number of visits significantly increased.
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Tagline Awards 2018

Дата запуска

20 декабря 2017 года


Арт-директор: Анкудинов Артем
Менеджеры со стороны исполнителя: Есин Александр, Молчанова Екатерина
Менеджер со стороны заказчика: Заика Ксения



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