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Рекламная кампания Dove Dry Shampoo в соцсетях

Заказчик: Unilever
Исполнитель: Initiative
Рекламная кампания Dove Dry Shampoo в соцсетях


In the world of Big Data, where advertisers spend millions to obtain information about their consumers, we found a completely free solution by using open data from the web portal of the Moscow Government. We did not collect personal information about users on the advertiser's side, but could create a personal appeal to each person from the target audience.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

CULTURAL CONTEXT AND CHALLENGE: Russia is a country of centralized supply of heat and hot water and Russia’s complex centralized water supply system needs an annual overhaul. So every summer in Russia the autorities turn off hot water for two weeks in every apartament. Women suffer from the lack of hot water during this period. Dove has a solution, this is the dry shampoo, which refresh and revive hair between washes. But Russian women don’t know about it. Main objective was to increase product awareness and sales of certain product.

SOLUTION: We launched the display ad campaign on social nets, in banners on desktop and mobile, where the message about dry shampoo was shown to a woman exactly at the time when hot water disappeared from her house. All the targetings were based on open data from Moscow Government. Moscow Government every year uploads dataset with hot water shutdown schedule, it includes a more 80 000 line items. Dataset includes address of location, type (living quarters or non-residential facility), start and finish date of annual overhaul. List of location was sorted, non-residential facility was excluded, all living quarters addresses were processed into coordinates, mapped and combine into clusters (several multi-storey houses standing at a slight distance from each other).
Each ad contained the address of the nearest to woman’s house retailer, banners were prepared with help of proprietary dynamic creatives platform. Campaign was launched on the biggest Russian publishers: Mail.ru, Yandex, VKontakte (the largest Russian social network), Odnoklassniki (the second largest Russian social network) and Wi-Fi.ru. All these publishers allow to show display ads and promoted posts only for people who lives in particular area. We used this feature for our campaign: woman could be at work or on weekends outside the city, but she still saw the banner corresponding to her place of residence (usual address). We communicate with a woman in particular moment when she was the most susceptible to the message from Dove: «Dry shampoo leaves hair looking and feeling refreshed without washing and absorbs excess oil from the hair to revive between washes».


Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

— 5 mln contacts
— 1.2 mln unique reach
— Product awareness has increased by 10 percentage points (online survey by Tiburon Research)
— Product sales have increased by 5% (vs similar period without media support)
Использование programmatic-технологий
Tagline Awards 2017
Таргетированная кампания в соцсетях
Tagline Awards 2017

Дата запуска

1 июня 2017 года


Daria Kurbanova — Dove Hair Brand Manager
Anton Afanasiev — Digital Media And Data Governance Lead
Alexandra Eliseeva — Trade Marketing Manager

Artyom Khokhlov — Product Lead
Lyubov Astakhova — Product Lead
Ksenia Zazulova — Client Innovations Director
Elena Ermakova — Strategic Director
Aleksandra Voytsekhovskaya — Senior Media Planner
Maria Shmidt — Digital Buyer

ADV Digital:
Dmitry Masyachin — Programmatic Buying Manager
Yury Murashkin — Junior Programmatic Buying Manager


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