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Создание позиционирования, названия и визуального стиля для нового онлайн-банка для предпринимателей «ДелоБанк

Заказчик: СКБ Банк
Исполнитель: JAMI
Создание позиционирования, названия и визуального стиля для нового онлайн-банка для предпринимателей «ДелоБанк


What is ‘delo’ in Russia?

‘it’s what you do’
’it drivers you, you just can’t get rid of it, it’s a virus in you heard and heart’
‘something deep, close to your heart, another member of your family’
‘eternal amount of inspiration and life strength’
‘it’s not about business, not about money, it’s about who you are’

SKB bank, biggest regional bank from Ekaterinburg, came up with a challenging idea: to create new bank for doers in a highly competitive environment.

Industry is rather new, yet rapidly growing: three main players with well developed branding and strong media (Tochka, Tinkoff, Modulbank); offline banks, enhancing its digital platforms (Sberbank, Alfabank, Raiffeisen) and upcoming launches of new digital banks for entrepreneurs (Sfera, Elba).

In order to win, we needed a godsend, we strived to find a cultural meme that would literally help to propel new brand in an entrepreneurs environment without strong media support.

1. Having interviews with micro and small businesses, we discovered two insights: they do not treat their work as business (this word is very widespread in Russia and is mainly associated with serious huge businesses), they rather call it ’delo’ (from Russian ‘Дело’ — work of life, more than just occupation).

Word ‘Дело’ is very polysemic and wide-spread in the context of different common expressions in Russian culture, some examples:
Дело спорится (the work goes without a swing)
Другое дело (no we’re talking)
Дело не в этом (that is not a question)
За дело (make it happen)
Ближе к делу (get to the chase)

We also found that doers are stressed, “delo”, takes most of their time and life strength making them work 24/7 and even breaking their relationships with close ones, but they still love it most of the time, sometimes hate it.

2. Brands in the category were either speaking very seriously about big business and money, or celebrated doers as demigods. None were engaging with ‘delo’.

3. We decided to position brand as ‘bank for those, who are doing “Дело”’ and afterwards we were almost sure how to name our bank: ‘Delobank. Bank for delo’. This was the godsend we were looking for.

Small entrepreneurs are 24/7 in ‘delo’ mode, so we’ve crafted logo and style that clearly interpret it. When you're doing delo, you're switching your toggle button to 'delo' mode. Toggle button looks like 'o' and becomes perfect former of the whole visual language, it's imperceptible participant of every communication with user, just how modern bank should act: giving way to user.

While creating the brand we used our methodology of User Generated Branding (how people will use the brand in their personal spaces: social networks, messengers and offline as social currency), that's why word Delo and toggle button became best solution, 'delo' can be used in a vast situations and meanings.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

To create brand strategy, name and visual identity in order to differentiate in a highly competitive market. Solution: bank for those who are doing delo 24/7 without clear vision and always struggling for survival: Delobank (банк для тех, кто занят делом 24/7, постоянно борясь за выживание — ДелоБанк)



Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

Competitors now all are talking about delo and use semantics of this word in their communications for doers. They have much higher media weights and share of voices, but thankfully 'delo' territory is now established by Delobank and everything connected with this word and its word buildings will contribute to awareness and image of our bank.

New brand is becoming part of the culture, it’s energy, clear, strong and common ideology that’s communicated simply though the name and logo, without sophisticated communication becomes eternal source of inspiration for doers and bank’s staff members.
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• Лучший интерактивный брендинг
Tagline Awards 2018
• Совершенное исполнение (Craft)
Tagline Awards 2018

Дата запуска

15 февраля 2018 года


Креативный директор и арт директор: Виталий Цыганков
Бренд-стратег и копирайтер: Юрий Негребецкий
Дизайнер и иллюстратор: Василиса Аристархова
Управляющий партнер: Сергей Коркин
Аккаунт директор: Юлия Самыкина


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