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Предиктивный СММ, или Когда лучше быть вторым. Продвижение фильма «Красный воробей»

Заказчик: 20 Century FOX
Исполнитель: Pichesky
Предиктивный СММ, или Когда лучше быть вторым. Продвижение фильма «Красный воробей»


Creation of provocative and viral content based on SML.

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Поставленная задача и ее решение

Take a share of digital shelves of video-on-demand services.

Campaign Idea:
Creation of local content based on SML.
RED SPARROW – spy thriller based on the US & Russia relationship
The film was promoted as an action spy movie in the us
For Russia, it was another film about the country, stuffed with stamps & stereotypical “cranberry*” characters.

Use “cranberry” as the catalyst for provocative and viral content.
Example: adaptation of the official global trailer to the Russian reality. Giveaways of USSR-style posters.

*Russian idiom which is very often used to describe those books, movies, and so on where there are lots of unrealistic details, ridiculous historical mistakes & other nonsense.


Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

We exceeded a steadily increasing sales plan of digital copies by at least 10% every week, though the movie showed low box office earnings.
• Лучшее управление комьюнити
Tagline Awards 2018

Дата запуска

17 июля 2018 года


Eugenia Petrova - Head of Digital Marketing 20 Century FOX HE
Irina Girba — Senior Account Manager
Matvey Lebedev — Creative Group Head
Denis Zakharov — Senior Creator
Olga Voloshina — Account Manager
Yana Azrapkina — Media Manager
Evgeniy Tihomirov — SM Manager
Valeriya Moiseenko — Designer
Anna Zharova — Strategist


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