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Музеи железных дорог

Заказчик: РЖД
Исполнитель: Rossiya Segodnya
Музеи железных дорог


An interactive project on the Russian Railways museum

Поставленная задача и ее решение

To develop a concept and implement on the ria.ru website a content interactive special project for the opening of the largest railway museum in Russia in St. Petersburg.
Concept and solutions
The information on the new museum has been updated with interesting context - a story about the extensive network of museums of Russian railways. The project consists of two parts: an interactive map with marked museum and background information about them and a long-read - a selection of the most interesting exhibits from museums from around the country. The parts of the project are cross-linked. Information about the opening of the new museum is put out in the format of a separate promo-block with a specially shot video (a short video tour of the museum).


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KPI determined by the customer was 100% achieved, figures undisclosed
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Tagline Awards 2017

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1 ноября 2017 года


Interactive projects studio (Rossiya segodnya)


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