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The Connected generations platform for Vyazanka

Заказчик: «Вязанка»
Исполнитель: RTA
The Connected generations platform for Vyazanka


Integrated digital campaign for the Vyazanka brand.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

Tasks: To form of a brand image that helps mothers take care of their loved ones; communication support “Vyazanka is what binds us together”.
Solution: the “Connected generations” platform, designed to help mothers find a common language with their children, easily answer their most tricky questions and find ideas for delicious dishes.

The platform includes:
— platform website;
— useful publications for parents (“5 topic for speaking with a child on an equal footing”;
— 15 stop-motion videos with answers to frequent children's why-questions (“Why is the sky blue?”);
— youth slang digest ;
— teaser-trailer of the platform, stylized as "Field of Miracles".

"Connected generations" simplifies communication between parents and child and teaches both of them new things. The concept of the platform was created for mothers of children of two age groups:

4–6 years old: craft stop-motion videos, where a mother with the help of improvised means gives answers to frequent children why-questions. Now you will never get into awkward situations and the child will rely on  you more than on the all-knowing Google.
7+ years old: - a youth slang digest and a test to consolidate knowledge and to speak the same language with a child.

Tools that we used to promote the platform:
— social media;
— video advertising;
— targeted advertising in social networks;
— banner advertising.

Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

— Average time on the website — 119 seconds;
— Target actions on the website — more than 200 thousand;
— Brand awareness increased by 135%;
— The intention to buy increased by 9%.
• Лучшая интегрированная рекламная кампания
Tagline Awards 2018

Дата запуска

20 августа 2018 года


Алиса Задорожная
Яна Дудочкина
Артур Ахметов
Майя Кудрявцева
Роман Тимаков
Анастасия Бодрова
Анна Анестиади
Роман Сазонов
Юлия Иванова
Надежда Птицына
Мария Ким
Полина Виноградова
Александра Патюкова
Андрей Овсянников
Августа Оганезова
Андрей Ершов
Михаил Вашкевич


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