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Сделано диабетиками

Заказчик: Roche Diabetes Care Rus, Accu-Chek
Исполнитель: «Восход»
Сделано диабетиками


One in three diabetes sufferers don’t follow medical recommendations, which increases the risk to their lives.

«People with diabetes can't work effectively, have children, do sports, travel.» - That's a common opinion in Russia.
Because of this stereotypes and prejudice people diagnosed with diabetes lose their purpose and aspiration in life.

We put together a production crew and cast solely consisting of people living with the disease to create a real-world film encouraging them to continue the fight.

Director, cast, crew and even extras - more than 80 diabetics and caregivers made an inspirational film with the message:
Don’t suffer from diabetes, live with it.

The video led to a promo site with interviews and life stories of heroes, where we encouraged everyone to share their personal motivation and support the campaign.

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Поставленная задача и ее решение

By this campaign Accu-Chek, a leading brand of medical goods for diabetes care, wanted to support the diabetes sufferers and on the other side to fight the stigma and common stereotypes surrounding the disease.



Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

The campaign got support from diabetes societies in Russia and Ukraine. The project received thousands of comments and a huge feedback in social media.
Accu-Chek website traffic grew by 19%
Brand search went up by 72%
Sales increased by 14%

We changed the perception of the disease and united people with idea:
Don’t suffer from diabetes, live with it.
Лучшая PR-кампания
Лучший социальный проект
Tagline Awards 2017

Дата запуска

20 февраля 2017 года


Креативный директор:
Андрей Губайдуллин

Роман Бух

Дарья Овечкина, Антон Рожин

Илья Линецкий

Диджитал креативный директор:
Дмитрий Маслаков

Диджитал арт-директор:
Анна Маслякова

Лилия Загидуллина

Веб девелопер:
Валерий Захаров


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