Мобильное приложение «Госуслуги»

Заказчик: Министерство связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации
Мобильное приложение «Госуслуги»


Development of the “Public Services” mobile solution shows that the state is positioning itself as a modern, consumer-oriented service company that focuses on convenience and usability of such services.
The application home page is a full-featured user assistant. The page displays statuses of the public services delivery, appointments with a doctor or a government agency, as well as notifications of state duties to be paid for the ordered services and terms for provision of a 30% discount to their payers.
All messages such as statuses of submitted applications, payment history, legally binding letters (i.e. summons, legal notices etc.) from the “Government Mail” section and messages from technical support are displayed in a notification timeline on one and the same screen. The public services catalog is localized to show services available to the user in a selected region. Also, the application now receives personalized notifications, for example, passport renewal notices.
About 60% of the audience solve everyday issues through mobile devices, and this applies to all spheres of life. That’s why we create a service that makes communication with the national government mobile, easy and effortless. In doing so, we simplify the communications of the society with the state, making them more efficient and transparent.
Mobile Public Services are intended for general public including families, pensioners, businessmen; those are services for the prompt payment of all kinds of fines and debts. We help save household budgets, offering discounts for payment of state duties and traffic penalties. We do not build the service just to check the box; we build it for people helping them save their time, efforts and money.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

Реализация мобильного интерактивного помощника для граждан в получении наиболее популярных госуслуг в электронном виде, проактивного уведомления о необходимости их получения, контроля процесса их оказания, онлайн-оплаты возникающих задолженностей и доступа к электронным уведомлениям от органов власти.


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Полностью обновлено мобильное приложение "Госуслуги" для физических лиц, пользователей IOS и Android, стабильная оценка приложения пользователями в магазинах приложений - 4.5, регулярное попадание в рейтинги. В настоящий момент приложение "Госуслуги" дает 54% от общего объема посещений портала Госуслуг.
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4 сентября 2017 года


Александр Павлович, Дмитрий Матвеев, Сергей Будаев, Екатерина Попкова, Николай Зимин, Ольга Махаткова.