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Instagram-канал для Yota


Creating a media magazine under conditions of cardinal product and industry changes — the unlimited mobile Internet era is finished. Magazine which you want to read regularly and where you can get the information, which you are interested in. First brand channel free from advertisement and annoying offers, popular despite the lack of paid promotion.
To recount Yota’s services exclusively within the framework of three advertising flights, which last not more than a month. To show Yota from the inside: how does the team live, how it works, how relaxes. To keep the former strategy with upgrading it to the new goals.

Поставленная задача и ее решение

Goals were achieved with the combination of educational, entertaining and informative headings, with no including of product activations beyond advertising flights.


Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

Stable organic growth of subscribers – more than 50% a year.
ER grew by more than 100% and on the level of 2,7% became the industry maximum.
Product posts pervasion and their involvement increased 2-4 times in different advertising flights.
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Дата запуска

25 января 2017 года


Михаил Буданов, Маринович Кристина, Валентин Васильев, Сапожников Юрий, Кучакова Мария


CreativePeople — стратегия, видео-продакшен;
Re:Evolution — обновление, реализация.