Cini Minis «Захват блогеров»

Заказчик: Nestle
Исполнитель: Pichesky
Cini Minis «Захват блогеров»


Creative integration to bloggers

Поставленная задача и ее решение

Goal: Develop awareness campaign and build positioning for new product on Russian market. Continue "capturing the world" idea proposed in 2016.

Campaign Idea: Cini Minis squares do not know how to make ads in the Internet. They enter the Web as cunning prodigy children not knowing any rules. To win in Social Media race squares decide to hack and capture all bloggers and spread the word through them.

Solution: Use 5 top bloggers popular among our TA to tell product story. Solid media support kept the audience's attention and helped to guide all of the key points of the campaign.

During a week different popular bloggers have been hacked. Firstly Cini Minis squares hacked top VKontakte bloggers: Maryana Ro, Yan Gordienko, Julia Pushman, Max Brandt, Kostya Pavlov. Later that day each blogger posted a video, telling everything is OK. All bloggers were hacked again in the end of the video.

The next day big VK publics related to YouTube & VKontakte life told about Cini Minis who were behind the hacks.

Popular news blogger Ruslan Usachev made an episode about the Hacks of Bloggers. Cini Minis squares attacked Ruslan on air during the news episode. After we made a film, telling the whole story of hacks and captures. We used it as OLV in Social. We shoot an episode with captured Ruslan Usachev singing Cini Minis packs. We raffled signed packs in SM contest.

Достигнутые цели и KPI по итогам запуска

21mln people reach (7mln unique reach) in 3 social networks:, Instagram, YouTube
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Tagline Awards 2017

Дата запуска

24 апреля 2017 года


Platon Dubinin — Account Group Head
Matvey Lebedev — Senior Creative
Katam Mustafaev & Vladislav Bereznoy — Account Managers
Andrey Duzhev — Media Manager
Larisa Chernookaya — SM Manager
Maxim Seleznev & Dmitriy Slavolubov — Project Managers
Vlada Kishikova — Art Director